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Pictured here with my executive assistant, Gizmo, and my wife's home decor choices (excellent choices, of course, I swear).

About the Editor

Are we a good fit? If you’re looking for someone with professional credentials, a speciality in fantasy and science fiction, and a love of books, read on…

First things first: I have a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Secondary Education of English from DePaul University. I’m certified to teach and have taught budding grammarian gremlins from grades 6-12, so you can be confident that when I look for errors, I know my stuff.

I’ve been reading books since I was two years old (my mom’s humble-brag about Hooked on Phonics!), and ever since I discovered science fiction and fantasy through my dad, you could say I developed something of an addiction. At this point, I’ve read thousands of books, and I’m still going. I have a penchant for systems, so I’m especially good at analyzing rules of magic, technology, and mechanics (such as games in LitRPG and GameLit). My favorite genres are epic fantasy, cyberpunk, military fantasy and science fiction, alternative history sci-fi and fantasy, LitRPG, dystopian, galactic empire, post-apocalyptic, colonization sci-fi, sword and sorcery, and GameLit. As far as authors, I’ve read and loved everything by Brent Weeks, Travis Bagwell, and Mickey Zucker Reichert, and I have favorites among books by David Weber, Roger Zelazny, Robert A. Heinlein, and John Ringo.

I’m also married to Miranda Honfleur, a fantasy and romance author, and she’s demanded I tell you that at this point, I’ve probably logged hundreds of hours in plot and character consulting, but I prefer to call that just chatting with my lovely wife. (This is what happens when two bookworms get married.)

Ready to see if we’re a good fit? Contact me, and let’s get started!