Completed Projects

Raise the Banner: Proofreading

The Obsidian Dragon: Line Editing

Within the Dragon's Jaw: Proofreading

Smoke and Shadow: Proofreading

Idols Fall: Proofreading

The Shadow Sect: Copyediting

The Ranger's Sorrow: Proofreading

Wilderness Untamed: Proofreading

Aether Fronter: Line Editing

Gamified: Book Two: Player Vs Player: Copyediting

Memories of Prophecies: Proofreading

Remove the Shroud: Proofreading

Bright of the Moon: Proofreading

Exodus of Gnomes: Proofreading

Children of Fallen Gods: Proofreading

The Ranger's Path: Proofreading

Queen of the Shining Sea: Audiobook Proofing

Fate of the Demon: Proofreading

Fall of the Reaper: Proofreading


“As much as I love writing, I usually struggle with the editing phase. Anthony understood what I was trying to achieve with The Shadow Sect and helped maintain style and consistency throughout. I laughed at some of the commentary, which challenged both writer and characters and helped me make decisions to improve the book. One reason The Shadow Sect launched better than I could have hoped is the quality of the edit, which some reviewers have called out and praised in their 5-star reviews. This rarely happens - and I hope to work with Anthony on the follow-up!”
“I worked with Anthony on proofreading for my King’s Ranger series, and I was pleased with the quality and speed of his work. He caught the usual typos and errors you expect, but he also used his deep experience with fantasy tropes to find issues with tone and narrative voice. He created a style sheet which I’ll use throughout the series to maintain consistency. Best of all, he completed the project on time and was always available to communicate. If you’re looking for an affordable, quick, and thorough professional, then I recommend Anthony!”
"Anthony did amazing work for me and my co-author. We were on a very tight deadline, days away from upload and in desperate need of a proofreader, and he stepped up and saved us in our darkest hour. He worked with us and did a great job at catching all the mistakes we had overlooked, even with several passes and multiple eyes on it! He gave us the assurance we needed to get the book published and out on time!"
"When my co-author and I were in a lurch, Anthony stepped in and did a last-minute proofread for us, saving our butts. He picked up our typos and missing periods, as well as my notorious doubling up on words. (It's not one of my books unless I write "is is" somewhere.) He also did my audiobook proofing, catching all the little mistakes that slipped through the studio and making sure my audiobook listeners didn't have to hear those. He's a former English teacher, so I'm fully confident in his ability to catch my screw-ups. It also helps that he's my husband, so I have an eyewitness view of how hard he works to improve the books and audiobooks he's hired to proof (including this testimonial, where he caught "he'd" instead of "he's." Thank God I married this man)."